In a Heartbeat – For The First Time!

Daddy tried with all his might to find that exciting little racing heartbeat of yours but failed miserably, no panic though, Mummy found you so Daddy just videoed it instead, here you go, this is you in Mummy’s tummy for the first time #exciting #real

The Gauntlet Games Hertford

The Gauntlet Games is a hilarious obstacle course race, take on a series of obstacles, and challenges against real Gladiators!

Snow Joke, The Force Has Awoken!

On this fine winters day we battled the snow, albeit not very much of it, and made our way to the O2 in North Greenwich to watch the force awake in the D-Box at Cineworld, and in the words of the great Jedi Yoda “worth it the wait was it”

Daizee-Mai Gets A Special Achievment Award

So we received a notification that our child was chosen to receive an award at a special assembly, given it was from Millfield School that could have meant either Jaycee or Daizee-Mai, we wouldn’t know to the day.

Stay & Play For Father’s Day

So it was stay & play day for father’s at Daizee-Mai’s school today in aid of Father’s day on Sunday 21st and Daizee-Mai asked me if I would come to play.

Showtime: Charlotte’s Web 2015

Showtime was finally here and we were all very excited to go and see Kyler perform in the Charlotte’s Web play at the Gordon Craig theater after two weeks of hard work from audition, rehearsal through to the actual show!

Fluttering Around Butterfly World, St. Albans

So today while Kyler was busy doing his rehearsals the girls and myself decided to head over to Butterfly World in St. Albans, we had tickets to go last year but never got around to going!

Feeding Our Feathered Friends in Fairlands Valley , Stevenage

It was such a lovely sunny day I thought we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go and feed our little feathered friends in Fairlands Valley, Stevenage with the two younger girls, we were heading over to Stevenage anyway to drop Kyler off for rehearsals.