I am Rick Duncan and I am the Daddy of the family I guess you could say, though it’s pretty clear I don’t wear the trousers in the house, that will be Paula’s (The Mummy/Boss) role,

I was born on the 22nd June 1976 and have a rather large family, I grew up as an only child due to being adopted into the Duncan family when I was 6/7 but eventually found my blood brother Rob Parker (my given name) in 2004 which lead to meeting the rest of my family who all reside up in the West Midlands, unfortunately Rob passed away in on 4th July 2011 but his memory goes on.

I work in the world of digital marketing and have done so since around 2002 so quite a long time in the grand scale of things!

I’m pretty sporty these days but those that knew me through my childhood wouldn’t remember me for that, I was always a late developer! I’m a keen gym attendee where you will find me most days mainly strength training, again I’m far from what those from my childhood would remember, I also practice martial arts and am currently training at Buntingford Karate Club where I practice Budo Ryu style Karate and hold a brown belt.

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