On this fine winters day we battled the snow, albeit not very much of it, and made our way to the O2 in North Greenwich to watch “The Force Awakens” in the D-Box at Cineworld, and in the words of the great Jedi Yoda “worth it the wait was it”

*Note this blog does not give away any spoilers for the Force Awakens

Being the time conscious guy that I am, I planned in lots of contingency to get ourselves to the O2 with plenty of time to make sure that firstly we got there and secondly without having to rush around like a blue ar*ed fly, there’s nothing worse than that, Paula will disagree with me on that, she seems to thrive on doing things last minute!!

So I dragged Kyler out of bed bleary eyed at around 7.45am which gave us half an hour to get up, dressed, brushed our teeth and grab ourselves some tea an toast which we executed perfectly, now I knew the night before that we were likely going to have to battle some snowy conditions to get to Stevenage where we were going to get to train to Kings Cross and sure enough it snowed overnight, fortunately not too much so the delay was minimal, last year my Jag’s DSC stability control system wasn’t working correctly so driving in the snow was seriously challenging, this year however with all that fixed the journey was an absolute delight, 4WD with full DSC working as it should meant the car ate up the snow no issues.

So we got to the station with plenty of time to spare, I had to buy Kyler a ticket which was the real surprise, a day’s travelcard including the tubes (which is free anyway) was a snip at £2 #bargain, we grabbed a hot chocolate @ Costa to warm up and a croissant then made our way down to Kings Cross, onto the tube and after one change at London Bridge we arrived at North Greenwich where the O2 is well ahead of schedule.

Now I had read a lot of reviews about huge queue’s at the O2 particularly to buy a ticket, which is why Mr. Digital (That’s me) bought online, and I thought we’d see what the queue’s were like and whether it was worth waiting for popcorn, drinks, sweets etc. to my surprise the queue never happened, not one person, but still it’s good to plan ahead just in case, I’m the worlds most impatient person in a queue!! We grabbed our bits then headed in to the screen to get our seats.

We were about 20 minutes early but even still I never expected to be greeted by a completely empty cinema, and that it was, we proceeded to find our seats which weren’t too difficult to find as I had upgraded them to D-Box (I’ll go into that in a minute) and they are pretty obvious.

So D-Box is basically a special chair that literally moves with the action which is supposed to add to the realism of the film, you can even control the level of movement you wish to your own taste. Now I did a lot of looking around the internet at various reviews about D-Box to see what to expect and I found quite a lot of negativity about the experience so didn’t really go in with very much expectaion, I think I may do a separate review on it at some point but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, I really thought it worked well and added to the experience, Kyler definitely agreed with me.

I’m not really going to write a great deal about The Force Awakens but all I can say as expected it’s full of a twists, turns and unexpected “oh” moments, some of it was a little cheesy for my liking but all in all I think it really captured the feeling of the original films, not too much horrible plastic CGI and was awesome, a definite must watch again and really leaves you wanting for the next two films a bit like The Lord of The Rings / The Hobbit series, there’s one thing for sure the next Star Wars films will be watched sat in D-Box at the O2 without a shadow of a doubt, great experience aside from missing wind, water and smells like I had expected, still!

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