Today was audition day for Kyler who was put forward by Dance Jam Academy to audition for a part in the upcoming Charlotte’s Web musical at the Gordon Craig Theatre which will be performed at Easter (15th-19th April).


So the day started pretty early, up at 7.30am, which OK isn’t that early but on the day of rest, Sunday, is earlier than one would usually be up, not really helped out by lots of illness doing the rounds, Paula being particularly bad!!

So it was a swift hair wash, panic about what clothes to wear, breakfast, getting everything together, compounded by the fact that Jaycee wanted to hitch along for the ride, thank god Daizee-Mai wasn’t awake or there would have been lots of complaints and begging to come along too and into the car the three musketeers went on our way to auditions!

So we parked the car where Daddy usually parks for work and walked to the Gordon Craig Theatre which is actually pretty much the same daily walk I do anyway without the resulting train journey and mayhem in London. When we got to the Gordon Craig Theatre we registered and found a spot to sit down and wait to be called through, we were about 20 minutes early (Daddy is obsessed with punctuality) so there was a small wait, but soon enough the time came and off Kyler went with a whole load of other auditionees…

So while Kyler was auditioning we had a good few hours to kill, so off Jaycee and I went to start what I was yet to realise was going to be an expensive day… so highly unusually (Not!!) Jaycee was hungry so first stop was Maccy D’s for breakfast, I had a breakfast wrap and Orange juice, Jaycee settled for pancakes and orange juice!

Then it was off around the shops, first stop was Primark to see if we could find Jaycee some boots, but couldn’t, then we headed to Game where we picked up a few new games for the Xbox One, Skylanders Swap Force with a portal of power and a swap force character and Lego Marvel Super Heroes then to Costa coffee for my much needed coffee, gotta love Costa, and picked up some cakes (naughty I know but I’ll be smashing it on the gym tomorrow and every morning as ever!) and then a slow walk back to the theatre just in case Kyler was finished early, which it turned out he wasn’t.

So after a good wait around out they all came and we were all informed that decisions would be made on Friday so now we wait for the decisions, inside information from Chloe (Who was also auditioning) Jaydan’s friend was that Kyler was “AMAZING”, so fingers crossed our cheeky little chappy will get a part in the show, will post about it if he does.

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