So three of us headed off to the opticians today to get the eyes tested, it should have been Jaydan, Kyler and Jaycee but seeing as Jaydan swerved it to go to a party (Grace’s) I did the right thing and went in place of her, I needed my eyes tested again anyway, it’s been 4 years or so since I was last done and I definitely think the eyes have degraded a little since then.

First up was Kyler, lots of squinting, reading letters on charts that I couldn’t read sitting next to the bloody thing, and it turns out he suffers my issue which is slightly long sighted, no glasses for him though as he probably still needs to grow into his eyeballs whatever that means lol

Jaycee was next and she did really well, she has no problems at all, the optician was amazed at how well she could read for a 6 year old, she said lots of people her age and even older can’t read as well, sound the alphabet phonics like an adult so all good, wtg Jaycee!!

Last up (obviously) was myself, I definitely struggled a lot more than the kids, that made me feel my age, and the diagnosis was as expected, I am long sighted with eyeballs the shape of rugby balls, I definitely need glass for computer work and probably watching TV later at night when the old eyes get a bit tired, not sure if I have worsened since my last test, but I will take my glasses back in tomorrow to check and see and will have the glasses reglazed if necessary.

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