We planned to go to see Uncle Rod, Aunt Pauline and cousin Katie (More Duncan’s) over in Strensham, Worcestershire, before Christmas but what with one thing and another the diaries just wouldn’t add up together so we arranged to go after the Christmas buzz had passed us by, it also meant the kids got more Christmas presents after Christmas, always a winner!!

The plan was to head up to a hotel halfway on the Friday as I wouldn’t get home from work till late and then carry on in the morning on Saturday. As ever these things are all perfect in an ideal world, but lets face the world is far from ideal most of the time and this was no exception.

Lots of illness over Christmas, Jaycee with a sickness bug that kept her bed ridden for four days, Jaydan with such a bad ear infection that it resulted in a burst ear drum and yep you guessed it another illness struck again keeping Daizee-Mai off school on Friday with the sickness bug which threw it all up in the air, we decided to hang it out Friday at home and hope DM was better the next day to travel up and she was, though we had a bit of a moment when we stopped and she came over all sick, thankfully we had driven most of the way so there was only twenty minutes left to go till we arrived at our final destination, Strensham.

It’s been quite a few years since we’ve made the trip over to see them, about five or six years according to some old photos that Rod had taken that he gave us, so the kids have grown LOADS, in fact it was so long that Daizee-Mai was probably the same age as Djorgee-Ann the last time they saw her.

Pauline made one of her infamous beef pies for the adults, Kyler wanted some too, Jaycee and Daizee-Mai had chicken and chips but I don’t think they were too hungry though.

After a night of catching up and chatting Paula took Djorgee-Ann up to bed and Daizee-Mai went up too, Pauline wasn’t too far behind, Kyler and Jaycee however took full advantage of Dad and Rod chatting while Katie was dozing on and off on the sofa, it was a shade before midnight before Paula text me to send them up, whoops bad Daddy!

We spent most of the day on Sunday and left around 5pm so ended up getting home just after 9pm after a quick stop at Baldock services on the way past so we didn’t have to mess about getting dinner, it was a school night after all.

It always goes far too fast when we go to Strensham, we WILL be back in summer though when the weather is nicer and we can stay longer and enjoy the river and being outside, till then!!

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