Unlucky For Some But Not For Kyler

Some say that 13 is unlucky for some but not for Kyler, 2018 is the year that our beautiful baby boy Kyler is not longer a beautiful baby boy he became a beautiful teenage boy instead which we hope for him wasn’t so unlucky!! This year there was no school for Kyler on his birthday […]

Early Start As Kyler Hits Normandy

It’s been on the cards for about a year (probably) but it soon crept around and today is the day Kyler goes on his school trip to Normandy… Mangnifique as they say en Francais, c’est terrible says me.

School Trip To Lincolnsfields

I really enjoyed going to Lincolnsfields. I had an extraordinary adventure their and would love to go there again any day.

The Newest Duncan in 4D! – Babybond Cambridge

Today was a very exciting day as today was the day we got to see our newest addition to the Duncan Family! Today we was 28 weeks pregnant so hoped to get a good look at our new addition and the kids were excited to see baby for the first time too, we decided to […]

In a Heartbeat – For The First Time!

Daddy tried with all his might to find that exciting little racing heartbeat of yours but failed miserably, no panic though, Mummy found you so Daddy just videoed it instead, here you go, this is you in Mummy’s tummy for the first time #exciting #real

Snow Joke, The Force Has Awoken!

On this fine winters day we battled the snow, albeit not very much of it, and made our way to the O2 in North Greenwich to watch the force awake in the D-Box at Cineworld, and in the words of the great Jedi Yoda “worth it the wait was it”