It’s been on the cards for about a year (probably) but it soon crept around and today is the day Kyler goes on his school trip to Normandy… Mangnifique as they say en Francais, c’est terrible says me waving your kids off for a few days even though they are approaching adulthood faster than a rocket is never a good thing, particularly at 4.45am but with the clocks going forward that feels like 3.45am AND on top of that Daizee-Mai was up being sick EVERYWHERE from 1am the night before, that really is C’EST TERRIBLE!!

The things you do for your little ones, love shows no boundaries even at Normandy, amusez-vous à bientôt

I literally managed to grab ONE picture before the little tyke scarpered off through the crowd of parents that were embracing their children, I guess Kyler is too cool for school after all 🙂

Kyler Leaves For Normandy

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