I really enjoyed going to lincolnsfields. I had an extraordinary adventure their and would love to go there again any day.

I mostly enjoyed the campfire and the soft play. At the campfire, we sang lots of tremendous songs and had a little BBQ. It was delicious! The fire was all colourful, fiery orange, bright red and dark yellow.

The soft play was very fun! The drop slide was fun. It wasn’t open last year so we were lucky. We only had an hour in the play barn but it was very fun. Some people were scared of the drop slide and didn’t want a go but I wasn’t scared and had four goes. One of our teachers had a go and it was funny!

The dorms were very big and I got to share a dorm with my friends. The dorms each had a colour. I was in lime. There was also Blue, Red, Purple, Orange and Aqua. There was a spare dorm, Green wchich was used for people that felt sick or people that had messed around. Also the showers were really warm and the food was really nice. I liked that you could choose from a variety of things for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. On one day we got to eat lunch outside which I thought was really nice. I liked it that each dorm group had clean up on a meal.

It only took one and a half hours to get their so it didn’t take that long to get there and back. On the way there, I fell to sleep and my friends had to wake me up witch my friends thought was very funny!

The parachute games was very fun. We played cat and mouse, fruit salad and other fun games. We played a few ball games and my favourite ball game was dougeball (dodgeball) and loved throwing the balls at lots of people.

We went grubs on a treasure hunt! We also went on a bug hunt and I caught a massive, slimy worm. I also caught a millipedes, centrepeads (centipede), crookroacks (cockroaches), woodlice, yellow woodlice, earwigs, caterpillars, spiders, maggots, grubs and glowworms.

We also done a hunt with cards that had Questions on them and we had to answer them. Are (our) team won out of all four teams! We had a few Quiz’s about different subjects, geography, music and maths. We came third out of all the other groups.

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