Well today was the day I grew up!! Yes that is right I officially started Pre-school!

For some reason I couldn’t sleep passed 4 am I think it was because I was to excited about going, I was up and down every 20 minutes getting into Mummy and Daddy’s bed then back in mine and so on, I just couldn’t settle!!

So I had my breakfast and my milk and Mummy got me dressed ready for my fist day, I was so excited I thought I was going on the bus with Jaydan, Jaycee and Kyler but I had a little while to watch my most favourite program in the world Peppa Pig before I went.

I was so excited I got my bag and boots on and waited by the door.

When we got there I took off my coat and left Mummy to hang up my things on my peg and I headed straight for the door to go see what was going on inside, Mummy came in with me and I was gone, I couldn’t wait Mummy said she would see me later and Bye I gave her a kiss and off she went.

While I was there I played with the train track and trains, in the home corner with the kitchen and made some dinner, we also went outside to play as it was quite nice and sunny I really wanted to play in the Tunnel but it was dirty and wet so I couldn’t which I have been telling everyone at home about it for the all day long!, I also wanted to play on the slide but it was wet so I will have to wait for another time, I had loads of fun outside and can’t wait to come back!

Once back inside I sat down to do a sticking picture and REALLY enjoyed it and I sat there for a whole 15 minutes carefully placing all the bits on my picture, I loved doing that and I get to take it home too!

We had a snack of Orange and Pear which was yummy and then I picked what book I wanted to take home to read

I got a little bit teary towards the end but it was because I was tired it has been a busy day!

I had a cuddle with one of the teachers while waiting for Mummy to pick me up and I was OK again, we waited by the door and I soon spotted Mummy coming to the door 🙂 I was really happy and had a beaming smile on my face, Mummy waved and came in and gave me a big cuddle I think she missed me!

I showed her my picture I made and they told Mummy about everything I got up to and how clever I am at speaking and that some 3 year olds couldn’t talk as well as me! And also how polite I am as I always say please and thank you, well its only right isn’t it!

I got my coat on and put my bag on my back and Mummy and me went home 🙂

I only lasted 1 hour I had some lunch and off I went it was just all to much!! zzzZZZZZ

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