It was the Milfield school Disco tonight and I was raring to go and show off all of my dancing skills, half of them I learnt from my little sister Jaycee, she’s a good dancer.

As soon as I got home from school my Mum picked me out some cool clothes to wear like jeans, a nice shirt and a funky Pac Man tie which is a bit retro, my Daddy used to love playing Pac Man When he was young so he found me a place to play it online, here’s a link to play Pac Man online for FREE.

My Mum took me to the disco and I played with Oliver Joseph’s little brother while I waited for Joseph my best friend to turn up, he was at the beavers club. When Joseph turned up I ran around with him play IT for a while to get warmed up ready to start showing off my dancing skills.

Mum gave me £2 out of my money box to buy some pizza and sweets which I used to buy 2 packets of Haribos, a chocolate Freddy Frog and of course a yummy scrummy pizza slice … cowabunga!! I still had 80p left over to go back into my money box, it’s good to save 🙂

The disco man was playing lots of cool songs that I couldn’t help but dance a lot too, I was dancing around the hall and showing off those dancing skills and I think everyone was a bit jealous.

I really enjoyed the disco and I can’t wait till the next one, I’ll be sure to learn a few new moves including “throwing cool shapes” my Dad promised to show me how to do, watch out Milfield!!

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