This christmas  we all want something really special i wanted a crystal growing kit and i got it

My sister wanted hello kitty, my brother wanted gross magic and we all got what we really wanted i got two dvds that i really liked they were Horrid Henry the movie in 3D and Smurfs movie in 3D we all got a spin you fire fly in purple i got smurfs bookend stand for the dvds i got my brother and sisters two present each and my mum and rick 3 or 4 presents each i got one present for my grandad my nan my auntie sharon my dad  and mario.

I had a can of shandy and nanny Lisa and Amanda  stayed for a long time Mandy and John stayed for a little time and we had christmas dinner, the christmas crackers and then chritsmas chocolate log.

We all watched Eastenders it was good! It was my little sister Daizee-Mai’s first proper christmas.

We all made cards for everyone we had are new tv and everyone watched The Reef in 3D.

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  1. sounds good jade you will have to put one on about when you come to min or when i went with u to u nans or when we went rock climing

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