Well it’s Christmas eve and I am not very well again I have this cold for about a week and looks like I will have it all over Christmas on top of that I have my second lot of top teeth coming through so that’s not helping me one bit either!!

Mummy and daddy took me out today to do a last bit of Christmas shopping I was I all wrapped up in my sleeping bag in my new pushchair and was warmer than a warm thing!! We went into town and did a got a few things and then went for a late lunch to pizza hut which was nice it was just me and mummy and daddy as the other children went to spend a few hours at auntie Mandy’s and uncle John’s.

I had a munch on mummy and daddy’s pizza and salad but best of all they ordered one of them hot cookie dough puddings it was all soft and hot and gooey and very very yummy!! I loved the ice cream that was with it, after finishing our meal we went back home to wait for the others to come home, when they did we all watched Alice in wonderland in 3D (i wasn’t keen on the glasses they just seemed to be to big for my ears!) then it was bath and bed for me!

"Please Santa i have been a good girl"

After a nice warm bath I was more than ready for bed and was excited to see if Santa would come and visit me . . . I have been a good girl so I hope so, I had my special Santa hat and bib on so you never know!!

Daizee-mai x

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