Today I went out with Daddy!

Normally I go in the car and shopping with Mummy, I enjoy going out in the car and watching the world go by, it does make me sleepy though I must say! Must be all the movement and bumps.

Daddy took me to Tesco to go and get some bits and pieces like fruit and vegetables and things to make a yummy dinner. I VERY NEARLY fell asleep in the car but naughty Daddy kept tickling me to keep me awake, it didn’t help we were stuck behind a REALLY SLOW lorry so he had his work cut out, my eyelids were very heavy, we did make it just in time though.

When we found a place to park, conveniently next to one of the entrances, Daddy carried me till we found a trolley and he sat me in the seat and buckled me up, he must really doubt his driving ability, or know that when his back was turned I would be trying to climb out he he

I was very quiet at first and was taking things in but I soon started shouting at Daddy telling him what to choose and pick, bless him he needs a girl there to tell him what to do.

Daddy’s doesn’t shop the same as Mummy, he’s super fast, I don’t think he looks at prices like Mummy does, silly billy, he had a list of things he wanted to buy and we whizzed about, I was soon pointing at things I wanted him to buy me.

I think lots of people were noticing how vocal I was being and I attracted lots of attention, after going up and down the aisles and back up again we got everything we wanted and went to pay, I had great joy telling the lady on the check out how useless Daddy is and how if I wasn’t there we wouldn’t have got all the bits I … er I mean we needed *cough cough*

Once Daddy had packed the car we headed home, this time I think it probably took about 5 minutes before those heavy eyelids came back to play and I slept ALL THE WAY HOME … phew shopping with Daddy is very tiring indeed!!!

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