Well today I had a extra visitor coming home with me from Nursery today he is small, fluffy and cheeky.. it’s Patch!!!

Patch came home with me today because I did really well using two numbers to make 5! I quite enjoyed number work and was really happy patch was coming home to play.

When we got home I took patch upstairs to see my bedroom and show him where he was sleeping and I also got out his pyjamas and laid them on his bed ready for him for later, he loves his pyjamas that he wears here when he stays!

We played some games and had some dinner warm sausage rolls and chips yummy! And then Jaycee showed me her fish tank, it was really big and I was a little scared at first but Jaycee looked after me and kept me safe, I loved watching the fish they were big and great to watch!

I watched Jaycee have a bath before bed and then we cuddled up and both dropped right off as we were very tired after playing all day!


Jaycee + Patch xx

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