Today I got to take home Humphrey home 🙂

I was really pleased that I was allowed to take the little stars teddy beer home called Humphrey for being good, he was coming to stay for 2 whole nights so we had lots of fun together.

We went home in the car and I sat with Humphrey in my car seat and once we got in I took Humphrey round to show him the house and our pets! He loved our parrots and they made him laugh shouting “where’s my dinner!!”

We went upstairs and played in the bedroom for a while while mummy cooked us some tea, we watched a bit of tv after dinner and then had a Mr Men story and jumped into bed for a sleep! I let Humphrey sleep in my dolls bed he seemed very comfy in there with his pjs one!

Next day we got up and had some breakfast and watch my favourite programme at the moment “bubble guppies”,Humphrey seemed to enjoy it to so I put one more on, after that we went and picked something to play with so we got the hello kitty play doh out and make some cakes that was great fun and I’m sure Humphrey tried to eat some of them! Little monkey!

We played lots in my playhouse and I cooked for Humphrey and we played with my Barbie’s and after tea I had a lovely bubble bath and Humphrey watched me lucky I didn’t get him wet!

We had loads of fun together and hope to have Humphrey to come and stay again soon 🙂

Daizee-Mai x

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