So it was stay & play day for father’s at Daizee-Mai’s school today in aid of Father’s day on Sunday 21st and Daizee-Mai asked me if I would come along and play with her which I was delighted to be able to do this year.

Even though I had the whole day off work I decided to still get up early and hit the gym first, when I was done I headed home and actually saw all of the kids off to school for once which was really nice, once Kyler, Jaydan and Jaycee had been picked up by their school bus I dropped Daizee-Mai off at school in the car then headed home till it was time to go back to the stay and play hour.

When I went back Daizee-Mai and all of the other little children were all waiting for their Daddies to come and get them, not all Daddies made it so there was lots of surrogate children who were all to eager to borrow the Daddies that had come along too, as soon as Daizee-Mai saw me she beamed from ear to ear and ran straight into my arms for a big cuddle, such a loving little girl and I’m taking full advantage before she gets too old for cuddles or when it’s not cool to do that in public anymore!

So after our cuddle I asked Daizee-Mai what she wanted to do and we went outside for her to show me around the school garden, first up was the rope ladder where there were a few other girls waiting patiently in line to take it in turns to climb the ladder, they were definitely taught well, they took it in turns climbing up to the top and then were twisted by the other girls so they went round and round, Daizee-Mai managed to climb to the top a little precariously eventually and after some encouragement from her teacher, she was very brave indeed!

After the ladder we went for a quick swing on the swingy tyre, before stopping for a quick photo opportunity, and what a beautiful photo it was too, that smile and those big blue eyes!!

We headed to the field next where most of the other Dad’s and children were and the older children were all out on the field playing too, in fact we saw Jaycee running in when they blew the whistle to go back in at the end of break (that brought back a few memories!).

On the field we did all sorts of things, first we started by throwing bean bags into hoops on the floor, Daizee-Mai was pretty good at that, then Daizee-Mai was doing handstands with another little girl, both very good indeed, and then we had lots of throwing fun with various balls before it was time for the running races, first one was just a few children and eventually most of the children joined in, all of them received a winners medal for their excellent running efforts

Phew! that was all a lot of effort and hard work, there was just a little bit of time left to head back inside and have a quick play with some play doh, love the smell of that stuff, before it was time for the certificate presentation and surprise signing that the children had been busy working on over the coming week, we all sat in the coloured groups around the reception class where the certificates were handed around, and wow I really loved mine, literally made with Daizee-Mai’s own hands, and a cheeky footprint too!


After the certificate presentation it was time to sing the father’s day song which was lovely to hear and there was lots of clapping for children and parents before it was time to go, bless poor Daizee-Mai she so loved me being there and really didn’t want me to leave and was a little teary, fortunately Mrs. Gerring was on hand to give her a cuddle (and a few others) to let me get off.

The Father’s day stay and play was a fun time, it’s definitely good to see your kids and be there for them when you can as they grow up, they grow up so very fast it’s easy to miss moments like these so I’m glad I could make it, who know’s I may even make it next year too, but first we have school sports days in the next few weeks, both of which I have time off to be at so really looking forward to that, watch this space, new blogs coming soon!

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