So I’ve only gone and done it again, I’ve been a good girl at school and as a result I got to take home Bessie bear as a reward.

So I’ve been learning to read properly since starting reception and I have been reading at home with mummy and daddy lots, so much so that I can read REALLY well now, as I’m only 5 that’s pretty good going I think!

So I actually got to take Bessie bear home because of my excellent reading at school which I am really happy about considering all the effort I put in, just goes to show things do pay off when you put the effort in.

I really enjoyed having Bessie bear over to stay, she really enjoyed it to as we played lots of dressing up, watched the fish in the big tank and even got to stroke our dwarf hamsters “Pinky & Perky ” I think Bessie had a really nice time, looking forward to her coming to stay again so I best be on my best behaviour at school he he

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