Well today Faye came to play at my house, I was so excited I was waiting outside at 8.50am for Faye to come at 9am as her mummy was going off to work as it is Easter holidays she got to play the whole day :o)

Faye was a little shy when she first came but that was only because she has not been to play at anyone else’s house before, neither have I and it was the first time I had anyone round too!

We played upstairs and I showed Faye all the parrots and we had a little time in the garden before it started to hailstone so we ran in and waited till it had stopped again before going back out for more fun time in the garden.

Jaycee’s mum then took up out and for a Mc Donalds which was yummy we both ate all of ours and it was very nice! it warmed up while we was out, mum dragged us into town first to get a bit of shopping and then we went back home for more playtime in the garden, Faye really liked our garden and didn’t want to go home!!!

Mummy got some photos of us so we can have something to remember our fun day together!

I am off round Fayes house next week and I am all excited again 🙂

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