Well it’s that time of the year again … that’s right it was my best friend Faye’s birthday and it was time for a party!!

So first things first was to get Faye’s card ready and wrap her present, as I love Faye so much I decided to draw a nice picture of us together, which is pretty much how we are all the time anyway!!

Faye had a joint birthday party with William and the venue was Woody’s Play Barn at the Westmill Farm in Ware, now I’ve never been there before so didn’t really know what to expect, but being a Toy Story fan I was most intrigued and more importantly very excited to be going.

My Daddy drove me there and had to wait while I ran around hand in hand with Faye, luckily for my Daddy my other friend Phoebe’s Daddy was there too and they are friends so Daddy had somebody to talk to, not that I was to concerned with what Daddy was doing, I was far to busy having fun, and why not!!

After much running around and fun it was time to eat, I almost forgot about eating which is unheard of for me, particularly when there’s cakes and biscuits going, I really must have been enjoying myself!!

So of course I had to sit next to Faye at the table and gobbled up a massive plate of food to my Daddy’s surprise, but it was hungry work all that play!

Once we had all eaten it was time for the cakes to come out, and of course being sat right next to Faye I had a great view of her chocolate caterpillar, I may have even got a sneaky blow in there when she blew her candle out he he!!

All in all it was a great party … same time next year?

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