Faye is my best friend and she had her 4th birthday party today which was at my school (Milfield) in the main hall, it was also Alex’s birthday so there was lots of other children there from my class.

It was a fancy dress party and most of the girls were dressed as princesses, not me though, I like to be different, I was wearing my favourite dressing up outfit which I got for Christmas this year, it was a lady bird costume with stick on lady bird wings, my Daddy calls me Rosey when I wear it which is funny! The boys were all dressed up as pirates for Alex’s party.

We got to the party a little bit late because I  couldn’t find shoes to go with my fancy dress that fit, you know how it is for us girls, fashionably late. The party was well under way, Jelly Tots were there doing the entertainment, there was music playing and  everybody was dancing and I said to Daddy that the music was very loud, I soon forgot about that though and joined in the dancing and running around with Faye and all of the other children, after all I do love to sing and dance all the time so this was perfect for me.

After we had danced for a while we started to play all sorts of games, like statues when the music stopped, finding treasure and doing the conga, actually the conga lead us into the other room where we had our party food. I had raisins, biscuits, party rings, popcorn, frazzles, cheese, grapes (I love grapes), cucmber and a cake, phew that was lots but dancing and running around is hungry work you know.

We all went back into the hall to sing happy birthday to Faye and Alex and so they could blow the candles out on their cakes, after that the bubble machine came out and there was bubbles EVERYWHERE, we all chased them and popped them as fast as we could, there was way too many to get before they hit the floor.

After all the running around, dancing and popping bubbles it was time for a nice bit of quiet time and we all played sleeping lions, I laid with Faye and was very still.

To finish the party off all the mums and dads and children held hands in a massive circle and we all sang and danced to the Hoki Koki which was loads of fun.

At the end of the party the nice lady from Jelly Tots gave us all a small present, we had the choice of a rubber or pink stickers, I bet you can guess what I chose, yes that’s right the pink stickers, I’m a girlie girl after all!!

As we left Faye’s Mum gave us a pretty fairy cake and balloons twisted into the shape of a flower (with a red heart in) I said thank you and we went straight home as my Daddy was very hungry.

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