Unlucky For Some But Not For Kyler

Some say that 13 is unlucky for some but not for Kyler, 2018 is the year that our beautiful baby boy Kyler is not longer a beautiful baby boy he became a beautiful teenage boy instead which we hope for him wasn’t so unlucky!! This year there was no school for Kyler on his birthday […]

RollerCity Roller Skate Party

A few weeks ago I was invited to my friend Natalie’s birthday party which was going to happen at RollerCity in Welwyn Garden City, I go to gymnastics with her in Ware but didn’t know many of the people that she had invited as they were mainly from her school which I don’t go to, so I was quietly nervous but I also REALLY wanted to go so I bugger Mum and Dad to let me go.

MineCraft Camping Party – Kyler’s Best Friend’s (Joseph) Birthday

It was a long time coming (in my eyes), finally it was time to go to Joseph’s Minecraft camping party and I was dead excited, I’ve been waiting to open my head lamp for what seems eons!! So we didn’t have to get to Josephs party at Lee Valley Campsite till 3pm so most of […]

My First Birthday Party – Penny Is 3

Well today was pretty exciting for me as it was my first time to go to a friends birthday party, it was Penny’s 3rd birthday which she had around her house and it was a cake decorating party! Jaycee came with me and so did Daddy, as soon as we arrived it was straight into […]

Faye’s 5th Birthday Party!

Well it’s that time of the year again … that’s right it was my best friend Faye’s birthday and it was time for a party!!

Rubys 5th Birthday Party!

Today I went to Ruby’s 5th birthday party,  it was at the community centre in Buntingford and there we’re lots of people from school there! She had a very funny man doing magic tricks and making us all animal shape balloons he made me a flower and a swan which I love,  my friend Bronwyn’s […]

Faye’s 4th Birthday Party

Faye is my best friend and she had her 4th birthday party today which was at my school (Milfield) in the main hall, it was also Alex’s birthday so there was lots of other children there from my class. It was a fancy dress party and most of the girls were dressed as princesses, not […]

Steph’s 10th Birthday Party

I went to steph chocolate party and we done lots of chocolatey games i won the golden ticket and won a pencil case We played lots of games and saw steph’s dog ramsey and listened to music eat some dinner some people sleep round. The people that comed to steph’s party was me Abi, Milly, Grace, Gracie, Louise, Lauren, […]

Rock Climbing Abi’s 9th Birthday!

When I went rock climbing I went with Ellie,Amy,Abi and me everyone said they was going to get to the top but I was the first one to get up there then it was Abi.Amy was close Ellie was half way Amy was meter away from the top it was 34meters and it was really high. After we […]