A few weeks ago I was invited to my friend Natalie’s birthday party which was going to happen at RollerCity in Welwyn Garden City, I go to gymnastics with her in Ware but didn’t know many of the people that she had invited as they were mainly from her school which I don’t go to, so I was quietly nervous but I also REALLY wanted to go so I bugger Mum and Dad to let me go.

Dad worked at home as Mum had to pick Daizee-Mai up from school at exactly the same time as she was doing something for Sports Relief (dressed in her gymnastics gear), I was very eager to get going and kept bothering Dad to leave.

It wasn’t too far to go and as the traffic was going home from work we didn’t really get held up too much, before long we parked up and headed in, ON TIME! (OK Dad did know best when to leave after all)

We were amongst the first there so I eagerly got myself some skates on, now I know why they say get your skates on, DEFINITELY faster!! and before long I was gracefully skating around the rink, forwards, backwards, criss cross, smoothly, OK OK maybe none of that but that’s probably how I thought I looked, besides I’m not a fan of 4 wheeled skates, I would much prefer to be on my inline skates, probably should have thought ahead and taken them with me, NEXT TIME!

So it turned not all of the 3 people that I knew turned up so I only knew 2 people which I said to Dad was a little bit depressing, but actually everyone was quite nice and I had fun playing the games with everyone, first we did stuck in the mud where I was one of the taggers then after the break for food we played a game that was a little bit like bulldog where we had to get from one side to the other without being tagged, I did quite well but I did get tagged, then when we played another version I got to one of the last few without being tagged then one of the staff members, who was helping the taggers, tagged me, so NOT fair!

The 2.5 hours of skating went SO fast, before I knew it, it was time to go, I DEFINITELTY want a roller skating party this year, I asked Dad so fingers crossed he says yes 🙂

Here’s some pictures from the party.

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