Well today was pretty exciting for me as it was my first time to go to a friends birthday party, it was Penny’s 3rd birthday which she had around her house and it was a cake decorating party!

Jaycee came with me and so did Daddy, as soon as we arrived it was straight into action, the table was packed with other children and cake decorating equipment, this was going to get messy!

Once we found a spot at the table first up were chocolate cup cakes, Daddy helped me apply liberal amounts of chocolate icing sugar over the top and then it was straight into the charged flakes it was for me, I generously applied the flakes in peak formation and I think it looked pretty good to me, I think Daddy agreed, Jaycee also went with the peak formation and also did a pretty good job, there eye plenty more chocolate cupcakes to go around so I had another go and went with more of a sprinkle approach with the chocolate crumbs on the 2nd.

Next came out the biscuits and icing sugar, Day helped me draw a person in the yellow icing I chose then I decorated it with the various toppings that were available, I thought mine was pretty well covered with tons but then I saw Jaycee’s version and realised maybe I could have fitted more on with a little effort.

Last to decorate were vanilla cupcakes, and I really went to town on this one splashing as many icing sugar colours on as I could then loading it up with toppings, I was well pleased with the focal result, all of my cakes and biscuit were put into my very own bag with my name on for me to take home and show everyone and eat later on.

After a bit of play time with all of the children we all say around the table and had some party food, I just ate grapes but Jaycee had a bit of everything, there wasn’t really enough room for everyone to sit around the table so there was overspill onto the sofa where Jaycee sat with the older reception children, of course I wanted to be there too, eventually I managed to squeeze my bum onto the already overcrowded sofa not wanting to miss out!

After food and a bit more playing around it was time for pass the parcel and we all won a small pack of Haribo each then we played musical statues and other dancing games till it was time to sing happy birthday to Penny and for her to blow out her candle on the Peppa Pig cake she had for birthday, which was handed out for all of us to eat before it was time to go home.

Well it sure was fun to finally go to a birthday party and I’m sure there will be many more to come, like Jaydan who was going to her friends 12th pay disco later today, it’s tiring stuff this party business, time for some shut eye!

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