Well that is a great start to the year for me, we was all taken into the main assembly from Nursery this morning and sat down to watch everyone get there star of the weeks and other certificates.

I sat very well and next to my best friend Faye as i always do as i really like her.

All the children got there certificate and then they called out my name!! Wow MY NAME Jaycee Duncan!!

I got my shiny red star of the week badge put on to my cardigan by an older boy and girl and i felt really proud!

We all said a prayer and I haven’t done it much before so i kept my eyes tightly shut!!  Think I may have been screwing my face up a bit but never mind!

I look and noticed my Daddy sitting with all the mummy’s and daddy’s that came to watch so i gave him a big wave and then i walked back to Nursery holding my best friends hand Faye.

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