I was so good at school and nice to everyone on Friday that Burberry the class teddy bear wanted to come to my house to play for the weekend which he always looks forward to as it’s so busy in our house, there’s always something going on!

Daddy wasn’t happy Burberry had come to play because he said Burberry is naughty and creeps out of my bedroom when I am asleep and jumps on his pillow in the middle of the night …. but I know he’s just joking.


Daddy went to vincent’s in Ware to get his hair cut so I went with him and of course so did Burberry, the man offered to shave all of my hair off but Burberry stepped in and told the naughty man off so it was all OK in the end.

While Daddy was having his hair cut I played with all of the toys and Burberry sat on the waiting room chair with my jumper as a cover just so he didn’t get too cold. After Daddy had finished having his hair cut the nice man gave me a lolly for Kyler, Jaydan and me … yummy!!

Jaycee & Burberry At Vincent's

In the evening we decided … well Mummy decided that Daddy should go out and get a takeaway so of course I decided to go with him to get it too, Kyler came with us too, guess who else came? …. yep! … you guessed it Burberry!

First we went into the Lancer which is an Indian restaurant in Baldock because Daddy wanted to eat curry (smelly), after he ordered what food he wanted to eat we walked to Pappas the kebab kitchen just up the road because nobody else wanted to eat smelly curry. While we waited for our nuggets and chips and Mummy’s chicken kebab Burberry asked if we could play catch with him, so Daddy and me gently threw him to each other, Burberry really enjoyed the sensation of flying through the air.

We went back to the Lancer after Daddy paid for the Kebabs, nuggets and chips where the nice man in there gave Kyler and me an after eight each (shh don’t tell Mummy) while we waited for Daddy’s smelly curry, I shared mine with Burberry of course while Kyler’s hardly touched his mouth before it was gone!

Jaycee & Burberry At The Curry HouseJaycee & Burberry At Pappas Kebab Kitchen


It was really sunny outside in the garden so we all decided to go outside and play … guess who had to come out in the garden too … Burberry!

We all ran around, played on the swings and bounced up and down on the trampoline, what fun … Daizee-Mai got into her car and Daddy pushed her around the garden so I thought I would get on my bike and take Burberry for a ride around the garden too … he really enjoyed that, check us out!

Before lunch Daizee-Mai & Daddy, Me & Burberry decided to have races around the garden ready for the Forumula 1 which Daddy was going in to watch, Mummy was the referee and we won two races each.

Jaycee, Daizee-Mai & BurberryJaycee & Burberry On The Bike

I had a cool weekend with Burberry and can’t wait for him to come to play again, I best be good then I guess 🙂

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