Today was a very exciting day as today was the day we got to see our newest addition to the Duncan Family!

Today we was 28 weeks pregnant so hoped to get a good look at our new addition and the kids were excited to see baby for the first time too, we decided to go to Babybond in Cambridge as they do HD and also we had our Nipt Test done there for a high downs test result.

We were booked in early as we wanted to make a day or it in Cambridge after, on the way to the scan baby was very active so was hoping he/she would stay like that so we can get a good look at what he/she looks like!

We booked in and went through to the scan room and soon had a glimpse of baby, well baby’s arm and hands!! Baby was head down and cuddled into my placenta so getting a look at his/her cute face was not as easy as we thought!!

The lady tried with me on my side and also i had to stand and jump up and down a few times to see if you would move away from my placenta, we got a little look at you in between you having your hands and arms in front of your face, and you also got hiccups which was very cute! and you even started sucking on your arm to try and get rid of them!

We got to see all you was going to let us see, so until next time when you will be 32 weeks old when mummy and daddy will get to see you again for the last time till we meet you for real!!

Bye for now cutie!! xx

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