A few weeks ago Mummy & Daddy bought me a practically brand new golf club set and bag from the car boot sale and Daddy promised to start taking me to golf at weekends.

We were a bit busy last weekend as it was so nice we went around a few big car boot sales then Daddy had some sheds to build, I was a little disappointed as I was pretty excited about giving my new golf clubs a try but I understood, Daddy promised to take me to golf the following weekend.

So the weekend came around and as promised Daddy took me to Whaddon Golf Centre, which is where Daddy used to live and play all of the time.

The weather couldn’t make up its mind about what it wanted to do, one minute it was pouring with rain the next it was blazing sunshine, thankfully as it was my first time playing golf we just went onto the driving range which is undercover

Daddy showed me how to hold the club, how to stand, how to swing the club and how to make sure I watched the ball till I had hit it, before my first go Daddy showed me how it was done and walloped the ball so hard it went out of the driving range over 300 yards long, pretty impressive!!

So it took me a few goes and practice swings before I was ready to hit the ball but I did manage to hit the ball in the end and the more I tried the better I got, I was very excited about this and wanted to try out all of my clubs, Daddy said I wasn’t quite ready to use the driver yet so I used a pitching wedge and a 7 iron mainly.

So after hitting 50 balls I was getting the ball almost to the 50 yard mark which considering I have never done this before was pretty good, and Daddy said he was pleased with how well I did, I can’t wait to go to play again, hopefully we will try most weeks, and when I get good enough to hit it far enough Daddy said we will go around the pitch and putt.

After golf as it was so sunny Daddy said we could go to the park that is next to the golf club, Daddy used to play in this park when he grew up but he said there was lots more equipment in there now than when he was young when there was just a slide, some swings and a climbing frame.

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