So the clocks went back an hour last night which means two things, firstly it’s an extra hour in bed… yay! and secondly it’s the start of not just dark morning (for me) but early dark nights too… boo!

So with the extra hour in bed we probably didn’t actually have the extra hour in bed at all, we went out early to check out the car boot sale which on arrival had shut down so we carried on through to Harlow and we were out so early that nothing was open!

Eventually everything opened and we had a mooch around, picked up some Christmas stuff, and various bits and pieces including a dart board of all items, grabbed a Subway for a bite to eat before heading back home, Paula had to get to the stables for some glorious “poo picking” yum, I can’t think of anything more fun to do… well actually I can, take the kids to the park for some fun!!

So we all jumped in our cars and went our separate ways, poo picking for Paula (that has a ring about it) while the kids and me headed for the local park for a jolly good time armed with our coats and a football.

Once we got there there was plenty of horsing around (pardon the pun) and no picking or poo as a matter of fact, in site as everyone jumped on the rocking horse, all seats were taken up with either children or their new teddies and the rocking began, looked great fun.

Then it was a was a round robin of all the other play things, from the slide (teddies an’ all) to the swings to the climbing and platforms along with lots of laughing, screaming and fun fun fun!!

After all that everyone wanted to have a kick about with the football, so we all stood in a big circle and played passing to each other, even the girls had an impressive kick on them!

Once we all had enough of football, it was starting to get dark and the temperature was dropping, there was one final round robin of the park equipment and I decided it was time to go home, Daizee-Mai was a little stubborn and wanted me to push her on the swing a little longer, which I did but said once she stops swinging we were going, and I would treat everyone to hot chocolate, I thought that would be temptation enough but the little monkey insisted on staying on her swing to the last!!

So we did eventually get home and as promised I made the hot chocolate which EVERYONE enjoyed very much, and who doesn’t love a bit of hot chocolate to warm the cockles eh!

Here’s a video round-up of today’s events!

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