So tonight I took a VERY nervous Jaycee to take her first ever grading in karate, it was her 9th Kyu for her yellow belt after only five months of training!

I had to get her there early so she could do her grading before the regular class started, which is pretty usual for grading sessions and good news for her as she was so nervous, the last thing you need on your first grading and don’t know what to expect is a big crowd of people watching you, trust me I know this first hand!!

Here’s the compilation highlights from her grading, well worth the watch, she’s a kicker that’s for sure as the Sensei Bill Hooper whispered to me through her grading.

Jaycee did a near perfect grading with scores of 9 out of 10 across all three sections of the grading (Basics, Kumite and Kata) then 100% scoree 6 out of six on her terminology which for a white belt grading is pretty unheard of, just a few little tweaks and our little Ninja Jaycee will have a double grading under her belt in future grading, 10 out of 10 scores automatically receive double grading, one to watch for in the future.

Well done Jaycee for doing such an amazing job and getting your first belt in karate, many more to come 🙂

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