So we received a notification that our child was chosen to receive an award at a special assembly, given it was from Millfield School that could have meant either Jaycee or Daizee-Mai, we wouldn’t know to the day.

So I headed to the assembly hall after seeing the kids off (unsuspecting) on the school bus, with no idea on who it may be.

Fully equipped with my camera I found my spot in the hall so that I could get some pictures and video when the time came. The children all filtered into the hall and sat down, I’m not sure if they spotted me but if they did they would know that there was a possibility that one of them or both of them are going to receive an award.

After all the usual assembly formalities the awards began to flow, Miss Collins, Daizee-Mai’s teacher read out her awards and you probably guessed it by now Daizee-Mai was called out for her special achievements in PE, no matter what she is always eager to do PE and goes that extra mile, she was grinning from ear to ear as she collected her award stood in front of the whole school.

Well done Daizee-Mai, we’re all very proud of you xxx

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