Holiday season is upon us again and the bargains are rife, all the retail outlets are bringing forward their January sales so the competition is strong for all manner of items, I wonder if Whirlpool ovens are on that list!

If you are looking for an oven particularly then I wanted to bring your attention to one brand in particular, that you might want to steer clear of.

Whilst our lovely casserole was in the oven stewing away last might, glorious smells wafted around the house and our taste buds were salivating as they do, we were watching some TV minding our own business awaiting our glorious meal, then *CRASH* there was a load crack/smash noise in the kitchen so we ran in to investigate, half knowing what had happened, but hoping not AGAIN!

Sadly our fears came true, the oven door had shattered, there was glass everywhere, first thoughts were of the children because those glass bits literally go EVERYWHERE and they are nigh impossible to see, and while less sharp than conventional broken glass, probably more dangerous and hard to avoid! Next thoughts were that we hope the dinner is done so at least we could eat, it was, kinda! Then it was followed by a sinking feeling and the sudden realisation that Christmas is only 5 days away and now we have NO OVEN!!

So when we say again, this is the 2nd Whirlpool oven that has exploded on us in less than 2 years, and looking into it, it’s not so uncommon, as a quick Google search can verify.

So OK, another oven has exploded, one would think that Whirpool would be proactive and help out, especially given the close proximity of Christmas, sadly not, not a dickie bird, not a single peep! It seems they’re not such a caring company, too busy enjoying their obscene profits from defective goods no doubt!

So no thanks to Whirlpool, I tried to get in touch with the parts people they refer you to on their website, I called them up, sat on hold for about 10 minutes, after they hung up on me 3 times and finally made it through to an operator, I explained the situation and she asked me for the service number of the oven which I had already found in preparation. After giving them the number they asked me to repeat it a few times before putting me on hold again, they couldn’t match the number, in fact the number was allegedly 2 digits short, wtf?!?!? And that was that, without a valid number they weren’t able to offer me any help at all, not even if I gave them the model number or any other information, what now?

So now I am stuck with a shattered oven, the service people can’t give me a new part because my oven doesn’t have the right service number on it and Christmas is now looming up fast!

The last option was to go back to Curry’s and explain the situation, and they were zero help too, but then as you see from the search results they don’t have amazing feedback on Trustpilot for customer service either.

So all in all thanks to Whirpool and their questionable products and Curry’s bad customer service we’re stuck in the situation of either dish out a whole wedge of cash to buy a new oven or Christmas dinner is off #nochoice the only choice we have in reality is to buy another oven, and trust me when I say it, we WILL NOT buy another Whirpool oven or any other product they make at that, ever again and likely we’ll find somewhere other than Curry’s to buy our replacement.

Incidentally our fridge freezer is also a Whirlpool and that has never worked properly either, it leaks all the time and food goes off, maybe you should have stuck to washing machines Whirlpool.

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