It was such a lovely sunny day I thought we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go and feed our little feathered friends in Fairlands Valley, Stevenage with the two younger girls, we were heading over to Stevenage anyway to drop Kyler off for rehearsals.

Kyler has been doing rehearsals for the impending Charlotte’s Web play at the Gordon Craig theatre since Monday, albeit he only got there for a part day on Monday as we got the wrong dates and had to drive to get him from Southend where he had gone with his sisters and Uncle John and Mandy for the day, which was the absolute worst day that could have happened, the traffic was gridlock both ways, anyway I digress, Kyler needs to get to Stevenage for 10am so as I am still on holiday and Paula was at work and Jaydan was out at a friend’s house I had to take him, Daizee-Mai and Jaycee with me to Stevenage.

After dropping Kyler off myself and the girls headed into Tesco to grab some bread for our imminent feather friend feeding trip, some bananas to keep us fueled and randomly some wind up chattering teeth as Jaycee found a broken one on the floor outside the shop and wanted one, the things you do eh, we also had to nip into B&Q as I needed a new lock for my locker at the gym, my other one broke!

So once we did all that we headed to Fairlands Valley, parked up, grabbed our bread and in Jaycee’s case her wind up teeth and headed off to the water areas, there was lots of races up and down the path as we walked, we stopped for some pictures with the daffodils and other picture opportunities before eventually getting to the first water area, there were a few Canadian geese and a few pairs of Mallards so we split the bread up and started feeding, Daizee-Mai got so into it that she lost all awareness of where she was standing so when I looked up from the camera I noticed she was actually standing in the water! never mind…

We carried on walking round and found the next area with more feathered friends, this time, Canadian geese, more Mallards, white geese, swans and moorhens, there was even a Heron watching and waiting high up in the trees, Daizee-Mai was a little more unsure here as there were so many birds that really didn’t seem to fear us, apart from the white goose hissing at us, that they were mobbing us for our bread, so she stuck pretty close to me, there was one funny goose that was very inquisitive and was not camera shy one bit!

After feeding the birds we headed to the climbing frames right next to the biggest area of water where they sail and do bigger water sports, the girls enjoyed jumping about and doing the circuit over and over asking for help in the higher areas.

All in all a great day and the girls real enjoyed themselves together, normally they fight like cat and dog but I guess that’s just siblings for you!!

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