Today we have a family get together in Royston , after mum passed away we all made a promise to get together more as a family and spend time together as life is so short!

We all met at The Manor House  in Royston which is a  Wetherspoons pub which opened in October 2013.

Mike and Deb, Shaun. Katie and Jaydan were first in so grabbed our table in a nice quiet area of the pub which was all reserved for us, we followed shortly behind and met John and Amanda and Shane in the car park.

Once we were all in and sat down most importantly we had menus in hand it was food choice time!

We got our food ordered not that I could make up my mind there was so much to choose from! But as we were all hungry we got it ordered and waited for it to be ready, I was toying between the burger and the roast and as it was Sunday I went for the roast.

Well the food went down a treat as you can see, everyone was enjoying it :), It was lovely to catch up with each other and spend some time together as a family the children really enjoyed it too catching up with each other which was nice… We will plan another one really soon and make it a regular thing.

All got a bit to much for one little girl though!!

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