So today while Kyler was busy doing his rehearsals the girls and myself decided to head over to Butterfly World in St. Albans, we had tickets to go last year but never got around to going!

The weather was a bit fresh and quite wet, so after folding up the bouncy castle we headed over to St. Albans armed with coats, jumpers and boots ready to do battle with the elements, by the time we made it to Butterfly World the sun was shining but it was still quite fresh out there so we parked up the car, grabbed our coats and headed in.

After a quick toilet stop we headed into the first hut which is completely dedicated to leaf cutter ants, it’s pretty well setup in there, with the leafs required to keep them ants busy busy and a good round trip filled with obstacles back to their nest, the ants were minding their own business taking care of every day business in almost military precision, extremely fascinating to watch indeed!

Next up was a hut with all sort of other insects, including various praying mantis, scorpions, cockroaches and all sorts of other interesting bugs, some of which the kids were allowed to handle, and some that the staff members gleefully told us can’t be handled because they like to bite and bite hard, nasty!!

So the real hut we came to see was the butterfly hut, not quite as big as you imagine considering the place is called Butterfly World, but still full of beautiful butterflies and HUGE moths, and pretty much as soon as you walk in you find yourself ducking and diving as butterflies flutter around you, and if you are lucky landing on your head and hands in my case on my leg.

The girls loved watching these amazing insects flutter around and even managed to handle quite a few, question is why are these beautiful animals only in this world for such a small time, approximately 2 weeks as an adult and their main purpose is to breed!!

After spending quite a bit of time in with the butterflies there was just a little bit of time left before we had to head off to pick up the boy (Kyler) so we went back to the insect area where there was a lady doing face painting and the girls got their face painted, Daizee-Mai was a pretty butterfly (what else!) and Jaycee wanted to be different and had some flowers painted.

After the faces were painted we headed outside where there’s a pretty big play area with some pretty amazing equipment including a very large ant sculpture, you can see how small the girls look next to it!

All in all a pretty good few hours out especially if you like bugs and butterflies, probably wouldn’t advise paying full price in the summer, we think it’s a little pricey at that rate but well worth it out of main season or if you have Tesco Clubcard points you want to use!

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