My First Birthday Party – Penny Is 3

Well today was pretty exciting for me as it was my first time to go to a friends birthday party, it was Penny’s 3rd birthday which she had around her house and it was a cake decorating party! Jaycee came with me and so did Daddy, as soon as we arrived it was straight into […]

Humphrey Comes To Stay

Today I got to take home Humphrey home 🙂 I was really pleased that I was allowed to take the little stars teddy beer home called Humphrey for being good, he was coming to stay for 2 whole nights so we had lots of fun together. We went home in the car and I sat […]

Teddy Not In Space Daddy!!

Well today Daddy upset me a little bit he showed me the car advert on TV where everything was floating in space and told me it was my Teddy!! I didn’t want Teddy to be up there and wanted him back…. I got a bit upset really as i really did believe that he had […]

5 Stars On My Reward Chart

So today I was REALLY happy I managed to fill up my pre-school reward star chart! I had 5 stars to fill and got one for things I did well, like great tidying up and listening well and sitting quietly on the carpet which is hard for me to do as I am a wriggle […]

My First REAL Day Of Pre School! – Little Stars

Well today was the day I grew up!! Yes that is right I officially started Pre-school! For some reason I couldn’t sleep passed 4 am I think it was because I was to excited about going, I was up and down every 20 minutes getting into Mummy and Daddy’s bed then back in mine and so on, I just couldn’t settle!! So I had my breakfast and my milk and Mummy got […]

Quick Trip To The Doctors!!

Well today i was out playing in the garden like i do when it is nice weather, i love mooching about the garden i can always find something to do out there as its so big! I was playing out there with Kyler and Jaycee when I got something in my eye, i went over […]

Shopping With Daddy!

Today I went out with Daddy! Normally I go in the car and shopping with Mummy, I enjoy going out in the car and watching the world go by, it does make me sleepy though I must say! Must be all the movement and bumps. Daddy took me to Tesco to go and get some bits and pieces like fruit and vegetables […]

Yummy Birthday Cake!

Yummy! Well there was no way my big sister Jaydan was going to share her Birthday cake so I thought while she was on her laptop I would sneak a little bite of it, well she did leave it on the side and then totally ignore me playing on her laptop so a little bit won’t hurt!! […]

My 2nd Christmas – 2011.

Well it’s Christmas eve and I am not very well again I have this cold for about a week and looks like I will have it all over Christmas on top of that I have my second lot of top teeth coming through so that’s not helping me one bit either!! Mummy and daddy took […]