Well today i was out playing in the garden like i do when it is nice weather, i love mooching about the garden i can always find something to do out there as its so big!

I was playing out there with Kyler and Jaycee when I got something in my eye, i went over to Mummy to tell her that my eye hurt by saying “ouch, ouch, ouch” while rubbing it, Mummy got the message quickly and took me in to see if she could get whatever it was out of my eye, it was a small yellow something stuck in the black of my eye.

She tried a cold cloth and tried to get me to blink but it wasn’t moving, we tried for about 10 minutes but it would not move, so Mummy phoned the Dr’s who said to take me down straight away and when we got there the Dr looked to see what it was and could see it wasn’t moving, he put a yellow thick dye in my eye to see if it would move or i had damaged the surface of my eye, i was so good i just lay there while he put the dye in, did make me blink though!!

All of a sudden the thing in my eye moved yay!!!

The Dr said i was really good and the lovely lady on the reception gave me a sticker!! well 2 but don’t tell everyone!! x


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