Who would think getting down from your bunkbed in your own bedroom would result in lots of pain and a broken bone in your arm!!

It was nearly bedtime when it happened and Daddy was about to leave for karate so luckily was upstairs and as i did it and screamed in lots of pain he was able to pick me up from the funny position i seemed to be in, i had a ice pack on my arm and some pain killers and i sat with mummy for a hour and it felt a lot better, it was my best friends Faye’s birthday tomorrow so i really wanted to go to school as we was going bowling and for something to eat after!

In the morning my arm was a little sore but i could move all my fingers and wrist i said I wanted to go to school (i didn’t want to miss Faye’s party) so off i went, after the party which was great fun and once i got home mummy looked at my arm again and it was still a bit sore so we headed off to go and get it checked at the hospital, as soon as we got there i had a x-ray and then we had to wait for the results, while we was waiting i started to read a book it was quite a wait and i managed to get 6 pages from the end of the book!

When we were called in the DR said that there was a break in the bone and showed us the x-ray, it was broken all the way through the Radius bone!! Ouch!!

So we had to wait for the lady to put a half plaster cast on my arm, Mummy said are you pleased your going to get a plaster now? I was really 🙂

Off home we went and it was gone 1am by the time we got home so mummy put me in bed and said i would be having a day off tomorrow! …. In the night i somehow took off the plaster cast?!? So we had to go back to hospital in the morning so they could put a better one on which was a bit tighter, we was in and out in 20mins which was great 🙂

We went home and watch a film together Malificent which was great!!

Back again next Wednesday!

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