So a trip to the hospital confirmed that I have indeed broken my index toe and quite severely, if you are going to do a job do it right, right?

The original injury happened at karate a few weeks ago when I had a rather weighty collision with Lou’s shin in the dojo while free-styling and both going for a front kick, he was wearing full Muay Thai shin pads and was very bruised the next day so that gives you some idea of the actual impact.

My index toe which is actually longer than my big toe, due to a short metatarsal (so the doctor informed me) took the full brunt of the impact head on, lets say some very violent choice words were shouted in my head (swearing is forbidden in the dojo) and lots of hopping around occurred straight after the impact, I did carry on and went for another bout after but the true realisation about what happened probably didn’t set in till the adrenalin had worn off and I was sat at home with ice on it, and of course the following day!

So it takes 3 weeks to heal a toe, I was at about 2.5 weeks today till BAAAAM, I stubbed my toe in the gym… fool, that REALLY hurt I can tell you, and what was worse was I had to head to a meeting in Brighton and hobble around all day, I had to go to the hospital when I finished my meetings, and yes, confirmed, my toe is DEFINITELY broken, the X-Ray says it all huh!!

So hear I am again, another 3 weeks, is it going to slow me down, it should do, will it really, probably not!!

Will I ever learn, will I hell, one life… LIVE IT!!

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