Today I broke my finger at 12:19pm I was playing Basketball And Fin threw the basket ball and it hit me right on the tip of my finger Ouch!!. I had to go to the office to get the ice pack but that did not do anything.So mum took me to the Dr’s first and they said best get it checked at the hospital and get a x-ray done so off we went to Lister in Stevenage I went for my X-ray and I got a red dot here is a photo of the red dot thing and swollen finger.

When called to see the nurse again we was told that it was broken and they put on a LONG metal thing on it to keep it from moving, it was so not nice It felt horrible I got a sling Too to help the swelling go down Here is a photo of how it looked!

Then went back again a week later and the put on a more comfy one on it felt much better than the first one! I had to go back again a week later and now I have now got a strap one on what is much better because I can wash it and that because I can take it off it is much better most comfy one yet here is a photo of it!

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