Well today I had a big surprise!!! My tooth came out 🙂

I had been waiting for this to happen for ages but today was the day I kept wobbling it and complaining it was sore and mum kept saying “leave it alone it your making it sore wobbling it! So I left it alone and went and ate my apple and bam out it came I was so happy as means I can use my new tooth tin I got from Santa for Christmas 🙂

So I popped it in the tin and couldn’t wait to go to bed and put it under my pillow to see what I would get for my very first ever baby tooth!

As soon as I woke up in the morning I took a look under my pillow for my tin to see what I had been left! There was a shiny gold pound coin and a shiny silver 20p … And a little note to say not to be scared of things at night and the extra 20p was for being brave 🙂

I really hope that my next tooth comes out soon so I can see what I get next time 🙂

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