Well I had waited for this day for a VERY long time I have been bugging Mummy and Daddy to let me go for ages but there was a waiting list as so many little girls like me want to be a ballerina!

So today was my trial lesson and I was so excited I wanted to wear my pink big tutu but Mummy told me I was told to wear leggings and a t-shirt!

I couldn’t wait and spent the whole morning asking if it was time to go yet!! Can you tell I was excited!! I was bouncing about all day till Mummy took me to Ballet, when we got there we had to wait for a short time till the class before had finished but I didn’t care as I was so excited, the time finally came and I went through to the pre-primary ballet, there were about 10 girls in there all dressed up in ballet outfits I Really want one of them! I knew a couple of the girls from Nursery so that was OK.

We started off doing some stretching and and basic ballet moves 1st one was Pizza how big a pizza was the ballet teacher lady going to have(it was a way to get us to have the heels of our feet touch each other and the feet face outward, trying to form a straight line) I was OK at this but was my first time!

We also did lots of galloping horses and danced to different types of music, first one was quite happy and sounded like fairies to me! so we danced about like fairies and butterflies, the second was quite grumpy and i thought it sounded angry so we stomped about and acted like we got stuck in the mud!

I really enjoyed my Ballet lesson as you can see!

Mum brought me the kit after as I really want to go each week now I loved it!! I can’t wait now till next Saturday 🙂

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