How excited was I today!

We have been building up to this moment for weeks at our Ballet lesson’s learning our dance for this moment, our dance is called “Wigan Garden” In Miss Christina’s Garden!

I started ballet just over 6 months ago and have really enjoyed going and looking forward to this day for quite some time and been trying my best to learn the dance, I am still only 5 so I think I did pretty good considering my age!!

Must say I couldn’t sit still at home Mum did my hair up in a “Ballet Bun” as I call it and I had to try and not ruin my hair which was hard but I did my best, I just wanted to get going and once we set off I just couldn’t wait to get on stage!!

Once we got there we watched the first half as my dance wasn’t until after the interval, I really enjoyed watching the other’s dance it was really good and funny in places!

So it was my turn Daddy took me back stage and then went to sit and watch me, there were a lot of people out there is was quite scary!! But I did my best and enjoyed performing.

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