Well That Was A Windy Valentines Night!

The weather had been bad all day really real windy and raining on and off it would have to be the day the kids have dance lessons! So we prepared for the wet and wore boots unlike the last time when it was raining we came back with  soaked shoes!! … Anyway got dancing done […]

Family Meet Up For Sunday Lunch ~ Meet 1

Today we have a family get together in Royston , after mum passed away we all made a promise to get together more as a family and spend time together as life is so short! We all met at The Manor House  in Royston which is a  Wetherspoons pub which opened in October 2013. Mike and […]

Giving Blood For My Mum <3

Today I took the step I promised my mum while she was in intensive care just before Christmas that I would start giving blood again. While Mum was on the intensive care ward and being ventilate she had to have 2 blood transfusions which prompted me to think I need to start doing this again! I […]

The Duncan’s Do HaLlOwEeN 2013!!

Well as it was Halloween we all thought why not dress up! … so the Duncan’s decided to do Halloween! So we popped out to the shops and as it was Halloween everything was all reduced which made it even better so we managed to pick up some bits and pieces to make ourselves look […]