Today I took the step I promised my mum while she was in intensive care just before Christmas that I would start giving blood again.

While Mum was on the intensive care ward and being ventilate she had to have 2 blood transfusions which prompted me to think I need to start doing this again!

I used to give blood years ago but then the weight limit went up and I always weighed just under so wasn’t allowed to do it any more, but now after using the gym for a few years i am just over the weight limit now so was able to 🙂

I don’t remember the needle hurting as much as it did ‘Ouch!’ but I am OK with needles and once in it was fine and a nice feeling to know i was doing it for mum and helping someone who needed blood!

Doing my bit
Doing my bit

After it I was fine apart from needing the toilet from having to drink loads of water! but after a biscuit and another glass of lemon I left via the toilet with my next appointment all booked for June.

That evening and the next day I felt rather drained and tired but guessing as I am right on the low weight limit that is why, feeling fine after a few days so all worth while!

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