The weather had been bad all day really real windy and raining on and off it would have to be the day the kids have dance lessons!

So we prepared for the wet and wore boots unlike the last time when it was raining we came back with  soaked shoes!! … Anyway got dancing done and the weather was getting worse, got home and cooked dinner as it was valentines day had a nice few things to set up 😉

Hubby made it home OK through the wind and I said it was getting are really bad now the front door was constantly knocking and the bird feeder was bagging on the window!

While we was watching some TV and listening to the bad storm we herd an almighty cracking noise!! Straight away I said that sounded like  tree and wondered what the hell it was! Hubby stuck his head out of the front door and nearly got it taken off 🙂

Next day when Kyler and me took Waggy dog for a walk it was clear what it was, one of the big trees about 200 yrs down the road near our bottom drive had come down blocking the road totally, it was a big old tree and must be over a 100 years old, shame as that was a nice tree and the crows use to sit in it in the morning time, and it was even a perching spot to our parrot Reggie when he got out once! … Never mind we have some nice bits of trunk to use a tables in the garden 🙂 … Our trampoline was also left half legless!

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