Herbie Turns 3 Years Old

To look at Herbie now you would never believe that he was a skinny neglected in a state little under 10hh pony when we got him

Duncan’s Hit The Durham Dales!

It’s almost a year since the Duncan’s went on holiday to Turkey so we were all excited to be going away again, we booked a week’s stay in a lovely private cottage in Durham Dales a beautiful part of the country.

The Newest Duncan in 4D! – Babybond Cambridge

Today was a very exciting day as today was the day we got to see our newest addition to the Duncan Family! Today we was 28 weeks pregnant so hoped to get a good look at our new addition and the kids were excited to see baby for the first time too, we decided to […]

Daizee-Mai Gets A Special Achievment Award

So we received a notification that our child was chosen to receive an award at a special assembly, given it was from Millfield School that could have meant either Jaycee or Daizee-Mai, we wouldn’t know to the day.

A Sunny October Day At The Stables

Today it was a lovely sunny October afternoon so after collecting Daizee-Mai from Nursery we decided to go and spend some time with the horses we share. So off we went Millie the little lovely is poorly she has laminitus so is on stable rest and feeling quite sorry for herself! So that just left […]

Winners At The School Christmas Fair – November 2014

Today was the the day of the school Christmas fair at Millfield, Daizee-Mai was wanting to go since I collected her from Nursery at 11.45am so keeping her waiting till 4.30pm was hard work, once the others had got home they all got changed and ready for the Fair!! Off we went armed with our […]

Daizee-Mai Brings Home A Friend From Nursery!!

When I went to collect Daizee-Mai from Nursery she started to tell me that she had been collecting fallen coloured leaves from the trees in the playground but someone had taken them. So I said we could collect a few more before we went home so off she ran across the playground and collected some […]

❤ Lovely Early Evening Ride Out With Jaycee ❤

Today Jaycee and I went up the stables and took Sienna and Millie out for a lovely early evening country walk up the bridleway to Buntingford. Girls were waiting to come in at the gate but so was all the other horses so it was a case of sneak them out quick! Gave them a […]