Broken Finger

Today I broke my finger at 12:19pm I was playing Basketball And Fin threw the basket ball and it hit me right on the tip of my finger Ouch!!. I had to go to the office to get the ice pack but that did not do anything.So mum took me to the Dr’s first and […]

My Rabbit Bub’s

Bub’s was ill so he went to the vet’s and he’s got medicine for 30 days becuase his head was tilted and he kept falling over. After two day’s he felt much bettrer becuase i cleaned him out with mum and he was playing around in the kiching he did fall over two or three times and […]

Grace’s Party!

Today I went to my friends party and we want bowling I came 4th out of 10th i went to the  arcade and i got a Voodoo doll what mum likes and a Areo bar. I spent  my 50p on the 10p machine and then we  went to Frankie and Benneys, i had burger and chips and […]

Steph’s 10th Birthday Party

I went to steph chocolate party and we done lots of chocolatey games i won the golden ticket and won a pencil case We played lots of games and saw steph’s dog ramsey and listened to music eat some dinner some people sleep round. The people that comed to steph’s party was me Abi, Milly, Grace, Gracie, Louise, Lauren, […]

My Sister’s!

My Sisters!! Daizee-Mai Hi have two sisters this fist blog is about my baby sister Daizee-Mai she is one. Her birthday is 1st of December 2010 the time she was born was 9;13pm and she has lots of hair and she is blond she has big blue eyes she loves to play, she always watches […]

Welcome To 2012!

I came back from my nan’s at 6;00pm. Then i had dinner for pudding we had a yogut what had chocolate buttons in it then we played rabbids alive and kicking the fun game. The best bit was when we all had to dance then we had to hide from the rabbits when they look and […]

Christmas 2011!

This christmas  we all want something really special i wanted a crystal growing kit and i got it My sister wanted hello kitty, my brother wanted gross magic and we all got what we really wanted i got two dvds that i really liked they were Horrid Henry the movie in 3D and Smurfs movie in […]

Rock Climbing Abi’s 9th Birthday!

When I went rock climbing I went with Ellie,Amy,Abi and me everyone said they was going to get to the top but I was the first one to get up there then it was Abi.Amy was close Ellie was half way Amy was meter away from the top it was 34meters and it was really high. After we […]