Today I went to my friends party and we want bowling I came 4th out of 10th i went to the  arcade and i got a Voodoo doll what mum likes and a Areo bar.

I spent  my 50p on the 10p machine and then we  went to Frankie and Benneys, i had burger and chips and i had ice cream for dessert i got Grace a 5 pound note with a card what had recipes on it, the people that went was me Grace, Steph, Louise, Abigail, Erin, Monica,  Gemma and Hannna.

We all had fun Steph really wanted a big chocolate bar she spent all her money on that  but she did not get it we found 30p on the floor and we won 1 pound and 50pence on a game Steph did.We all played the chocolate game for Steph, Grace had fun open her presents.

I was looking forward to my cake but Daizee-Mai eat it I was on my lap top then I saw my sister daizee-mai with cake all around her she gived me a big cheeky grin and laughed and smiled and carried on eating it!!  I said “DAIZEE-MAI” Mum laughed and took some photo’s I got angry because i was looking forward to eating it so I never every get to eat that cake.

AND she got my phone put it against her ear and said hiyeah bbbbb bbbbbb and that is it.

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