MineCraft Camping Party – Kyler’s Best Friend’s (Joseph) Birthday

It was a long time coming (in my eyes), finally it was time to go to Joseph’s Minecraft camping party and I was dead excited, I’ve been waiting to open my head lamp for what seems eons!! So we didn’t have to get to Josephs party at Lee Valley Campsite till 3pm so most of… Continue reading MineCraft Camping Party – Kyler’s Best Friend’s (Joseph) Birthday

Grace’s Party!

Today I went to my friends party and we want bowling I came 4th out of 10th i went to the  arcade and i got a Voodoo doll what mum likes and a Areo bar. I spent  my 50p on the 10p machine and then we  went to Frankie and Benneys, i had burger and chips and… Continue reading Grace’s Party!

Yummy Birthday Cake!

Yummy! Well there was no way my big sister Jaydan was going to share her Birthday cake so I thought while she was on her laptop I would sneak a little bite of it, well she did leave it on the side and then totally ignore me playing on her laptop so a little bit won’t hurt!!… Continue reading Yummy Birthday Cake!

The Day I Was Born

After lots of hard work for both me and my Mummy (and of course my Daddy played his part) I came into the big wide world at 12:55am on Thursday the 16th of June (11 days late, better late than never though eh),